Riverton Music - Aerophone AE-05 - Digital Wind Instrument

Aerophone AE-05 - Digital Wind Instrument

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Manufacturer Part #:  AE-05

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Wind instruments can impart powerful emotions upon music, especially within the genres of classical, pop, rock, and jazz. The sound of the saxophone, for example, has captivated music lovers of all ages, and many people would love to play one—although it’s not always easy. There are many types of wind instruments, so choosing one can be tough, especially when you like several of them. Noise levels make it difficult to practice at home, particularly at night. And staying motivated is hard when your practice time is limited or you can’t find a place to play. Roland’s Aerophone AE-05 is a digital wind instrument that solves all these problems. First, there are 11 expressive instruments on board including a variety of sax sounds. You can play them anywhere, thanks to battery operation and a built-in speaker. And you can practice whenever you like, by connecting a set of headphones. Wirelessly connect your smartphone and you can access extra sounds, play along with your favorite songs or start an ensemble performance with up to six friends. If you’ve always wanted to play the saxophone (or flute, clarinet, and many more) Aerophone AE-05 gives you everything you need to start…and keep on going.

Model: AE-05
Manufacturer: Roland


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SKU:  ae00-14946^AE-05
Manufacturer Part #:  AE-05
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