How to Apply Dynamics Processing


Dynamics processors - often overused and sometimes misunderstood - can make or break mixing and mastering projects. This book goes beyond explaining how dynamics processors work by giving essential tips on how their proper application can help make better music. Written in a clear, practical, non-intimidating style, topics include how to apply limiters, compressors, noise gates, expanders, maximizers, saturation, and multiband dynamics, whether in hardware or software form. Loaded with examples of real-world dynamics processors to explain their similarities and differences, How to Apply Dynamics Processing ventures further than similar books by covering dynamics processing with MIDI data, as well as manual dynamics processing done with recording software (phrase-by-phrase normalization for narration, micro-mastering to allow greater apparent volume when mastering, parallel dynamics, and more). There's also valuable information on how to achieve the most transparent effects possible, creative uses of sidechaining, and how to use creative squashing as an effect to obtain vintage compression sounds. Chock full of illustrations and featuring selected tech talk sidebars to give details on specific topics for those who want to know why as well as how, How to Apply Dynamics Processing tells everything today's musicians need to get the most out of these versatile processors.

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How to Apply Dynamics Processing
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