For Weber District students: please complete this form

to register your student to participate in your

school’s instrumental music program.

If you choose to order your band or orchestra books today as part of your registration we will ship the two books to you with FREE SHIPPING.   Please choose yes or no below.  You will be charged for the books in addition to the initial or one time payment fee below.

I understand that this is a contract and I am agreeing to pay Riverton Music for classes held during the school year.  I understand that the teacher will be paid from this fee. I also understand that the class schedule will follow the school schedule for holidays, etc. A class may be cancelled for sickness, weather, etc. without makeup or refund.  I will need to provide my own instrument, book, and accessories.

Classes are paid ahead at least monthly.  Refunds may be given when I inform Riverton Music that I have withdrawn from the class and have paid more than one month ahead.  Refunds are not given for a partial month or for prior months not attended.


The class fee from November through May is as follows: A first payment of $24.50 and a monthly payment of $16.50 a each month thereafter.  This is payable through our debit/credit card draft (form below), or you can call our Sandy or West Jordan Stores to pay over the phone.

If you selected Monthly Payment in the field above and by checking the box below you are agreeing to the following. $24.50, plus any book charges if chosen above, will be charged today and you agree to be auto-charged $16.50 on the 3rd of each month through May, using the above listed Credit/Debit Card.  You also agree to notify Riverton Music if the Credit Card information changes or becomes invaild before paying the full class amount and a late fee of $6 may be applied if Riverton Music is unable to process the autodraft payment on the above listed dates.