Riverton Music - A Chinese Festival, Volume 1 Piano

A Chinese Festival, Volume 1 Piano


The anthology series Chinese Festival, edited by Dr. Alton Chan, is a ground-breaking event for the musical community in North America, allowing pianists to study one of the richest and most unexplored musical heritages in the world. The first book in the series is the first-ever album published in the United States that contains Chinese piano music by a Chinese composer using Chinese thematic material and musical idioms. Students all over the world can now be exposed to music using different tonal and modal systems, structural principles, and aesthetic perceptions that underpin Chinese traditional and folk music elements. All performance notes, contents, and titles are given in both English and Chinese.

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Catalog: 00-ELM02002
Publisher: Alfred
Composer: An-Lun Huang
Pages: 56

An-Lun Huang 56
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