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We are proud to announce the arrival of a new generation of Baldwin pianos. True to its heritage, the new Baldwin sound is powerful, rich, deep, and features a wide dynamic range. 

Inspired, engineered, tested, and improved in conjunction with the world-famous Gibson Guitar Company, Baldwin is forging ahead with a most remarkable, incredible piano. The thunderous bass notes resonate much like the perpetual sustain found in a Gibson Les Paul guitar. The lightning quick touch of the keys allows the player to achieve the ultimate in musical expression, rapid repetition, turns, trills, and split-second dynamic change. 

Best of all, the new Baldwin piano is affordable. Baldwin's level of superior hand-craftsmanship, and high-grade materials, which are normally found in high-end pianos are now available for thousands less. 

Life is short. Discover Baldwin.

Happy Baldwin Customers


We recently purchased a Baldwin Grand piano from Riverton Music.  Stephen and Riverton Music have been so amazing at seeing that everything about our experience has been positive. The piano has a rich  beautiful tone and you can tell that Baldwin has taken the utmost care in producing a quality instrument. We have placed the piano near the entrance of our living room and it has been a thrill to hear the comments from friends and family as they enter our home.  Both the beauty and the marvelous sound of our piano has given us such pleasure.


Diane P. -- Salt Lake City  

Proud owner of a Baldwin BP190 Grand




20140702 161136 resized
 20140702 161136 resized 20140702 161347 resized  20140702 161206 resized
BP190 BP178 BP165 BP148
6'3" Grand Piano 5'10" Grand Piano 5'5" Grand Piano 4'10" Grand Piano
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20140702 161136 resized
5'1" Grand Piano  
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20140702 182432 resized  20140702 182749 resized  20140702 182413 resized 20140702 182452 resized
BP5   BP3  B243  B342 FC
49" Professional Studio  49" Decorator Studio  47" Institutional Studio  43" Decorator Console 
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B252  Balwin BP1    
B252   BP1  
52" Professional Studio  48" Studio   
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